Joe: 1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

As a U.S. buyer, I was concerned about the rising costs and lower quality of many GT-Rs for sale. I contacted Kunal to look into 25 year old GT-Rs still in Japan or Canada.

Through every step of the way, Kunal was extremely attentive and helped turn a complicated process into an easy one. He found a number of cars that fit my requirements and would ask if I wanted to pursue further. He would then dig in and provide more details about the car. 

Kunal found a great GT-R in Toronto that checked all of my boxes. He provided so many details, pictures, and a video of the car that made buying it an easy decision. He even arranged for a few minor items to be replaced before I picked up the car. When I arrived to pick up the car, Kunal spent tons of time going over details of the car and providing advice based on his years of involvement with GT-Rs. 

Buying this car with Kunal's expertise and guidance was a great experience that I plan to repeat for my future R33 and R34.

-Joe (Erie, Pennsylvania)