Mostafa: 1999 Nissan Stagea 25T RS-V

"I've always wanted to own a JDM import. Something with style to turn heads but also power to run. My friend Dougie had an R33 GTR that was really good and he told me that it was pretty easy to import. That's when he guided me to Kunal Arneja. Kunal is honestly the best in the business. Bar none! We started talking in September 2016 and decided to go for either a Toyota Aristo or a Mitsubishi Galant VR-4. I told him my budget and he would send me cars that I always liked and we'd try going for them. My budget was a bit tricky to work with. But he always found me amazing cars. We kept going and going on cars but I had to stop as I ran into some problems in October. Kunal was soooooo understanding of my situation and told me that its ok to back down for now.

In December 2016, we went back into it again, but this time we looked for the double unicorn; the legendary Stagea. A car with the power of a Skyline and the trunk space of a Bus. And literally the day before Christmas, we scored a mint 1999 Nissan Stagea RS-V 25t with an RB25DET and a Dolphin bodykit. And when I saw the car up close upon landing, I knew that this was meant to be. And its all because of the great and awesome Kunal Arneja. If you wanna import a JDM, Kunal is the man. He'll get you the best cars and he'll take care of you from A to Z and beyond. Thanks again for everything Kunal."

-Mostafa (Toronto, ON)