Pavith: 1996 Toyota Supra SZ-R

I had first contacted Kunal in January of 2015. My dream car that I was looking forward to have imported to Toronto was a Toyota Supra particularly the Series 2. Despite the long list of questions that I had, Kunal was one to patiently answer them all to the best of his abilities. After establishing the maximum bid price that I could play with, Kunal went forward and placed our bid on a very rare naturally aspirated 1996 Toyota Supra SZ-R which came with the 6-Speed Getrag transmission. I was particular about having the SZ-R because I wanted a Supra that fit my budget but also had great potential towards building in the future. We ended up winning our first ever bid way below the budget that we had set it out to be. After the car had been won, there were many videos and images sent and it is very thorough so you know what you are purchasing. One of the best moments was seeing the car arrive at my house. I could not be any happier with the quality of service and product that Kunal has provided. I would strongly recommend anyone looking forward to importing a piece of JDM history to go through Arneja Trading.

-Pavith (Toronto, Ontario)